Trap Generation + Long-Term Stats

Traps are under way! The biggest hurdle I've managed to climb was adjusting the level generation in order to make traps spawn in by replacing blocks. This was done by grabbing every potential block candidate in a structure and then randomizing where the traps would spawn in. The system in place would allow me to spawn in a specific number of traps, or have a chance of them spawning in with a max number. This is much more efficient than having every block have a chance.

Another long-requested feature is having long-term stats be recorded and viewed by the player. Things such as the total score across all runs and total number of enemies defeated ever are now recorded. This list will slowly expand with more information, so it's still very much a work-in-progress while I add more things to record.

The above will also play into unlocking some new costumes, which now show a handy tip on how each of the hidden costumes are to be unlocked. This at least gives a hint on how to unlock the cleverly obscure characters!

Finally, I've added gifs of two traps I mentioned in the last update but forgot to show off. These have since been tweaked for better graphics and sprites, but I thought I'd show them off anyway since I didn't record any new versions.

There were also some tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Receiving a game over now does not spam the save file to update its contents. This didn't really do much damage, but it did skew some stats such as total score because of how game overs handled saving.
  • Some dust particles have been adjusted to better flow with the character's movements, such as jumping at an angle versus jumping straight up.
  • Arrow Traps have a much less lenient timer on when they shoot and the delay after shooting
  • Arrows now bounce off of blocks when colliding, rather than continuing the trajectory.
  • Boost Traps now have a much larger range to detect a player. This makes them more annoying to manage.
  • Traps now animate a bit, for a better look:
    • Arrow traps shake after shooting an arrow
    • Bomb traps shake while about to explode
    • Boost traps now "bump" the player.

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