Costume System and Online High Scores

After the release of the game for the Medibang GameJam, I realized how much potential this game has if I took a little more time with it. So I'm going to start a devlog and record my progress of all the new stuff I've added after the release!

Between the submission and now, I've added some new features:


  • Remade the title screen so it feels like a proper title screen, with the inclusion of an options setting:
    • Keybindings page which allows you to change the keys. This page also allows for changing the keys for players 2-4, but is not actually used for now!
    • Player's now have a "name" they can set for themselves. This will be used for online high scores.
    • Music/Sound can now be toggle on/off. (it gets annoying after playtesting so much haha)


  • There's an online high score now! I don't know whether this will be a permanent thing because of how I'll be changing the game, but I thought it would be fun to see people compete with each other while I'm still working on it. (It'll also help me find bugs, so win-win)
  • Hooking a block will now align the hook, (and therefor the player) to the block's axis. This should make it easier to jump up into a block.
  • Point numbers are adjusted. The Love Tic now awards 1000 points for every touch, and hearts only give 100 now. Enemies give 500 points!


  • Wrote a new system to handle the player sprites, which allows me to add new costumes!

There's still a bit I want to add before I release this new update however!

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