Traps and Doors

Now that there's a lot more to test for, I decided to make a debug room in order to access some new blocks I've been working on: Traps. Traps would replace blocks within structures when they spawn, adding a bit more unpredictability when playing a run! So far, my finished traps are:

  • Arrow Traps - These traps will activate as soon as a player is in a line of sight, shooting an arrow after a short delay. These traps are easy to avoid, but these arrows also carry the quality of being able to break blocks themselves! This means they can activate the effects of other blocks that react when getting destroyed, so its best to pay attention to where the arrows will shoot, especially with the next trap.
  • Bomb Traps - Evident by their name, these traps will explode and destroy all nearby blocks, and damage players and enemies. A quirk about these blocks is that they explode when destroyed, meaning that they will cause a chain reaction with themselves!
  • Boost Traps - While they are harmless, these traps will propel a player in the direction they're coming from! These traps are tricky to destroy, since hooking onto one will push you towards them. Make sure you're a good distance away from them in order to break them. Another use for these is to actually move you closer to the Love Tic, so maybe it's good to take advantage of these?

Alongside traps, Doors are now a thing I can use instead of the ugly flashing arrows. Doors will eventually replace some of those arrows, and will eventually be standard use in a planned hub area.

Finally, I managed to squash some bugs!

  • Hilariously, the bubble projectiles that the shrimps were shooting actually didn't do anything to the player other than the small shake effect. This was due to me forgetting to add stun to the player. This is now fixed and adjusted.
  • This is a bug that wasn't actually testable initially since there was no application for it, but now the player's horizontal velocity doesn't awkwardly clamp to his walking speed. This bug was found out when I created the boost trap mentioned earlier, which caused the player to have a pathetic horizontal boost speed. This speed is now unlocked B)
  • There were rare instances where the player's hook wasn't properly registering as being owned by the player, or vice versa with the hook not knowing who its owner was. This was due to the hook being destroyed/created differently in different areas of the code, but is now unified into a single script that should properly reset the hook's owner.

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