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Knife to meet Yu is a game about a Tengu named Yu climbing a really, really high castle! Utilize all sorts of upgrades to the knives you throw in order to make the ascent as easy as you can make it. However, be wary of enemies that try to hinder your progress, or even yourself!

The current build of this game features:

  • An infinite tower. Enemies, powerups, and all sorts of things are random!
  • Online Scoreboard. Try to take #1!
  • Local Co-op. Don't go at it alone!
  • Quirky Power-up system. You have 5 slots of powers, which can stack!

Default Keys: (Can be re-binded in the options menu!)

  • Arrow Keys - Movement (Scroll through menus)
  • Z - Jump (Accept in menus)
    • If you're up against a wall, you can wall jump!
  • X - Throw Knife
    • You can aim where knives are thrown with direction keys!


Sunfished - Programmer, Spriter, Designer

Shaymoo (https://twitter.com/TheShaymoo) - Musician

Modeling Clay (https://twitter.com/Modeling_Cloy) - Cover Artist

Everyone at Pokemon Showdown's Art room!

The climbing theme is a cover remix of the following songs:

Pokemon - Driftviel, Vs Team Rocket, and Imakuni's Theme




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Heyo Sunfished, your game looks really nice but when I try to download it says it's a virus and cancels it ;-;

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this game lacks a dynamic camera system, new players find a hard time trying to cope with the game's camera speed. Maybe change it so that the camera follows the player instead? and make the enemies less of a pain to deal with at the start?

Awesome effort otherwise!

thanks for the feedback! The reason why I didn't make the camera dynamic is due to me wanting the scrolling aspect to be an obstacle in itself. The game gets considerably easy once it's removed, due to the player being able to climb at their own pace.

It's fun for a little game..I got a little mad but it's fine

Thanks so much for taking your time to make a video on this! And ya it gets pretty frustrating to play starting new :(

lol it was and it was weird cause i did my best when i was recording XD